North Park Community Preschool 

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Trinity United Methodist Church

3030 Thorn St. San Diego, CA  92104


a message 

from the director

As a parent, you may want your child to enjoy the preschool years as the only chance for the joy and wonder of childhood.   On the other hand, you may feel pressured to get your child ready for the competitive pace of formal schooling.   Or, you may feel that socialization with other young children is what you want most from preschool.
At North Park Community Preschool we can offer a balance of all of these things.  We emphasize social skills by giving children the tools they need to fit into a group and to cope with their emerging emotions.  We also encourage their developing independence and self-control every day.
 Our program fully integrates academic skills like pre-math and pre-reading into everything we do, so learning is fun, and also meaningful.  The child gains a better understanding of basic concepts.   We often receive feedback from Kindergarten teachers, who say our graduates are the best prepared children in their classes.
Meanwhile, we never forget that these are truly the wonder years!   We do everything with a sense of adventure, discovery, whimsy, and imagination.  We value each child's unique personality and style, and nurture them to grow into self-confident, creative, critical thinkers!
 Thank you for considering North Park Community Preschool !

Kate Cernin

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North Park Community Preschool

Graduates from North Park Community Preschool will have been taught the skills and preparedness necessary for Kindergarten.  This includes socialization, cooperation and respect for others. They will have worked on developing independence, caring for themselves and others, completion of daily tasks and responsibility for their environment.  

Children will also have had experience mastering self-control and the ability to listen and follow directions. They will have developed academic skills preparing them for introduction to the Elementary school level. This includes pre-math skills like hypothesizing, predicting and patterns, and lots of practice with language, expanding vocabulary and other pre-reading activities.  Graduates will also have developed problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as creating, imagining and discovering!

Our graduates

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​​Welcome to North Park Community Preschool !

At NPCP we provide a warm, safe, reliable, and creative environment to support our families and allow their children to grow. We are a small, neighborhood school,  for children ages two through five, welcoming families of all spiritual backgrounds.   We are open Monday through Friday from 7am until 6pm, year-round.

Our curriculum follows the Developmental Philosophy, which teaches that every child progresses at their own pace. We believe that play is the work of childhood, and we make sure our surroundings are attractive and our activities pique the child’s curiosity.  The program’s core principles are based on respect, responsibility, and community.  With the aid of teachers and staff, children explore and discover in a supportive and enriching environment based on their interests.   It is our goal to promote a positive self-image, and encourage a strong and healthy socialization among the children and adults.

As educators we understand that the most valuable learning is in the child’s own discoveries and it is the teacher’s role to guide children toward these experiences.  In our classrooms, the teachers create an atmosphere conducive to hands-on manipulation, exploration, control, and understanding of the child's world.   We are accommodating to the children as individuals as well as within group settings, utilizing our resources according to the child's readiness.