We are open year round,

Monday through Friday

 7:00 am until 6:00 pm  

We provide full day and half day schedule options,

as well as Diaper Club.  




(619) 284-1978

2018/19 Monthly Tuition Fees
September 2018 Tuition Schedule; fees are based on your child’s weekly schedule.

full days                                   half days

5 - $957.00 ($44/day)               5 - $827.00 ($38/day)
4 - $800.00 ($46/day)              4 - $696.00 ($40/day)
3 - $626.00 ($48/day)               3 - $548.00 ($42/day)
2 - $435.00 ($50/day)               2 - $383.00 ($44/day)

Diaper club

full days                                   half days

5 - $1022.00 ($47/day)              5 - $870.00 ($40/day)
4 - $853.00 ($49/day)               4 - $731.00 ($42/day)
3 - $666.00 ($51/day)                3 - $574.00 ($44/day)
2 - $461.00 ($53/day)                2 - $400.00 ($46/day)

One time registration/enrollment fee $100.00.

 **We offer two weeks of vacation credit per year based on enrollment date. For example, if your child attends three full days a week, we allow six vacation days unpaid per year. If your child attends five days per week you are allowed ten days. Two weeks’ notice is required. Please fill out the Request for Schedule Change form.



                                                Favorites at NPCP:



                                                      Moana, Star Wars
Super Hero:




                                                      Yellow Submarine

                                                      Ada Twist Scientist,

                                                      The Giving Tree

                                                      Mac N Cheese

                                                      Purple, Blue, Pink
Travel Destinations:  

                                                     The Moon! , Costco, and the park

Contact info

Steps to Enrollment

1.) Submit your contact information to our   

2.) You will be contacted to schedule a
 Tour of the preschool.  Tours are conducted in November.

3.) At the end of your tour, if you feel that NPCP is a good match for your child and your family, you can fill out an application for the
Wait Pool.

4.) The
Applications will be used to fill the openings for the coming school year, which runs September through August.

We take into consideration the balance of gender, diversity and ages to strengthen our rich community, as well as preferred schedules and availability.

5.) You will be notified in February if your child has been accepted into our school
, or asked if you wish to remain in the wait pool for the next year.

North Park Community Preschool

Enrollment is now full for the 2018/19 school year. Follow the steps below to be considered for next year - Fall 2019.

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