My Music Workshop

Music classes are every Monday at 10:15 am with Miss Joelle. 

My Music Workshop provides fun and educational music classes

to young children in preschools. At the end of class children get to

PLAY real live instruments.

We provide all instruments. Ranging from small guitars to keyboard

and drums, the students learn the fundamentals of playing the

instruments properly.  

Our goal is to create a positive relationship with music at an early age

and to build a musical foundation that will benefit your children's future education! 

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Playball is offered at NPCP on Thursday mornings at 8:40 and 9:20. The Playball program is a movement and sports program for children ages 2-9. It is progressive in nature, starting with the basic movement patterns for the younger kids and progressing to sport drills for older kids. Playball is not just another ball program.

It is a highly specialized program that gives children competence in sports, but

we also help them develop skills that are not associated with sports at all.

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Mona Lizzy's Art Studio
Art classes are offered every Wednesday afternoon at 9:00 am.
Classes are limited to seven students for maximum learning for your child. 
Classes run on a monthly basis and you are welcome to join for up to three 
months at a time. Art is particularly great for ages 3 to 5 because they are not only

like sponges, but it is giving them an advantage for formal schooling to come.

Making art helps us to access both sides of our brain. Statistics show that this helps

in developing to become a critical thinker and problem solver, and better at math,

language and science. For more information and how to join, visit the

Mona Lizzy(MLAS) website, 

or email me at 


Yoga for Children
Yoga class is held every Thursday morning at 9:00am.

Aryn Rannazzisi has combined motherhood, a love of Ashtanga yoga,

and nearly 10 years of classroom experience to begin teaching yoga to children.

The benefits of yoga for children are astounding.Yoga both calms and stimulates a child’s mind. It is practiced in a non-competitive environment, so all kids can play!

The breath and balance work prepare students for better learning.  Combining asana,

songs, and stories, children can experience yoga in a light hearted way. Contact Aryn

at for registration information.

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Extracurricular Classes & Activities

  North Park Community Preschool offers a variety of       almost every day of the week.  These classes are offered . The courses are carefully  program. The encompass  thinking, and skills. Our classes are taught by some of the     instructors in San Diego. Each instructor works independently. You are welcome to have your child join whether your child attends on that particular day or not.