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North Park Community Preschool

Click here, create a shutterfly account and log in, then request to be a member of the share site.

Pay Tuition Fees 

 You will receive a monthly invoice from the preschool before the first of each month.

The invoice number will be your reference for payment.
Enrolling is easy, and only takes a few minutes. We use your personal information to identify you only; it is safe and secure, and we do not share your information with anyone.
Tuition is paid through our Quickbooks invoicing system.



We love to hear from our parents and are always working to improve, diversify and try new things.
Please feel free to share any ideas or thoughts with us! ​

Parent Portal

Currently enrolled parents can join us on our Shutterfly share site, and see photos of what we have been doing while at school.
*Please be mindful of where you are posting pictures and respectful of other families' privacy.

*At Shutterfly you will find the pictures and videos from class activities, a class list and parent contact information, a message board for parents to communicate with each other and us, event sign-up sheets and a directory of parents' businesses/services.

 Parents Night Out

Parents plan your date nights !
Parents Night-Out is an opportunity for you to take a break from the daily routine and spend some time with your significant other or friends, knowing that your child is safe and happy spending the evening with their friends from school. During Parents Night-Out, kiddos get to hang out and watch a movie, have a dance party or play some games, and dinner is included. Drop off time may vary, and events are usually around five to six hours. Check our calendar page for upcoming dates.


Welcome to the Parents Place!

​​Here you will find all things just for parents.

At Parents Place you can be involved with your child's time at NPCP,

find tuition schedules, upcoming dates, request forms you may need, and fun activities just for you!

We are compliant with the Healthy Schools Act and have created an integrated pest management plan (IPM). For details of this plan,

click here:​